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Identify & Report Children and young people at risk

Method of Delivery:
100% Online 

The following unit will be included in your certificate:
CHCPRT025 - Identify and Report Children and young people at risk

This training program stands as an accredited child protection course mandated by governmental protocols, applicable to professionals in diverse roles offering services to children and young individuals in childcare, education, community services, and health sectors.

Upon successful completion of this online course, participants will acquire the essential knowledge and competencies to recognize, respond to, support, and safeguard children and young people who may be vulnerable to harm.

The course delves into crucial subjects, including the identification of indicators of child abuse and neglect, and comprehension of various forms of abuse, taking into account factors like age, gender, disability, culture, and sexuality.

Benefits of undertaking this course include:

1.  Acquiring the ability to identify children and young individuals at risk of harm or abuse, enabling effective intervention.
2.  Sharpening observation skills to swiftly recognize signs and symptoms of harm or abuse, identifying those in need of assistance promptly.
3.  Developing the skill of asking open and non-leading questions to build trust and encourage disclosure.
4.  Responsibly responding to disclosures, information, or signs of harm in accordance with state laws and regulations.
5.  Implementing child-focused work practices that prioritize the well-being and safety of children, leaving a lasting impact on their lives.
6.  Enhancing communication and information gathering techniques to effectively collect crucial details while maintaining rapport with children and young individuals.
7.  Acting responsibly within the boundaries of your role, laws, and organizational policies, ensuring compliance and legal operation.

Upon course completion, students will comprehend the broader context of child protection within the framework of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, federal and state/territory legal requirements, as well as ethical considerations and duty of care responsibilities.

Certificates issued by Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909.

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