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Infection Control


Infection Control Procedures


Dated: 22/03/2020


Working at a client’s training location or in Top of the Range Training’s rooms:

·         Clipboards and pens are used for registration purposes – they are used only once and then disinfected before being used again.


·        Clipboards used in class for CPR, Asthma and Anaphylaxis or Low Voltage Rescue or for feedback forms are being sterilised  between each use.

·        Kitchen Protocol – We have changed from using ceramic cups to disposable cups for tea & coffee making

                               We no longer use tea towels for any purpose but use disposable paper towels or airdry utensils


·        Screening clients by asking if they have travelled overseas in the last two weeks, if they have had close contact with a confirmed covid 19 patient or if they are feeling unwell with a sore throat, fever or cough to postpone their training


·        We are enrolling students outside the office & training rooms and leaving the door to the training room open on arrival and on departure so that we minimize contact with door handles .  By placing the enrolling table near the toilet door, clients can wash their hands with soap and water BEFORE being given enrolment forms. Hand sanitiser is offered as well. We are also disinfecting door handles, light switches, kettle, urn, sink, refrigerator and reception counter, any desks used and chairs regularly throughout the day.


·        Bandages that are reusable are being washed after each course in a disinfecting solution


·        We have  reduced our course size numbers to allow for additional social distancing during courses.


·        Our training room floors will be washed and disinfected after each class





     Before your course:

   • Our trainers will thoroughly clean our training room and undercover area

    • Ensure coffee and tea making area is cleaned appropriately for your safety

     . Ensure clients use disposable cups  

     • Door Handles and reception will be cleaned regularly

     • Class sizes will be reduced to allow for social distancing - 9 participants only


     Before attending your course:  

   • If you have travelled overseas in the last 2 weeks, had close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 patient or are feeling unwell. Please call us asap and we kindly    ask  you not to attend your designated course

   • Please notify us that you will be unable to attend, either by emailing us at or phoning us on 07 4638 8110

   • Please refer to advice from the Government and the World Health Organisation if you are unsure about isolation or your symptoms


    At your course

o   Please bring your own blue or black pen

o   Please wash your hands thoroughly in the bathroom prior to enrolling and entering the training room

o   Please observe basic hygiene etiquette (don’t shake hands, keep your distance,   cough/sneeze into your elbow or to a tissue)


·        Hand sanitiser is encouraged before CPR is performed on Manikins.

·        There is the option of wearing disposable gloves to perform compressions which are then disposed of

·        Each Manikin is wiped down using disinfectant wipes after each use.

·        Mouth to Mouth resuscitation may be optional as time progressing on. If mouth to mouth is performed, each face mask is used only once and is disinfected using industrial grade disinfectant especially designed for face masks. Also each manikin is fitted with a one way valve that prevents any bacteria or viruses coming back up the airway.

·        Bandages – there is enough bandages for single use and they are washed in disinfectant after each use before the next class. Once again hand sanitiser is encouraged as is the washing of hands with warm water and soap for a min of 20 seconds.

·        Glen 20 will be on hand to disinfect any surface that may need to be cleaned for whatever reason

·        Social Distancing – Chairs will be placed at the minimum 1.5 metres apart. Please also note that this distance should be observed whilst waiting to be enrolled as well.

        After the course

·        If you become unwell after the class with COVID 19, would you please let us know.