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Feedback and Testimonials

At Top of the Range Training we are always looking at ways of improving the delivery of our first aid training courses so your feedback is valuable and important to us! If you have ideas, comments or a story to share about how first aid training has impacted your life please contact us, we'd love to hear from you.

Here's what our valuable clients have to say....


RE: Letter of recommendation for Kev Distant (first aid services)
Toowoomba City Rollers has engaged Kev on two occasions to provide first aid services (including methoxyflurane, the “green whistle”) during roller derby events. As a fast-paced, full-contact sport, roller derby can be hectic and hazardous, and it can be difficult to keep up with the pace at which incidents happen.
At both events, Kev has far and beyond exceeded the expectations and previous service levels we had for the level of care he provided. Kev genuinely cares about not only the patients he sees, but every participant and spectator as well. Kev was both extremely professional and friendly, but also attentive and on-the-ball, attending injuries with the speed of someone who has clearly been paying attention to their surroundings.
During our most recent event, a two-day tournament, it was unseasonably hot and humid (30 - 33degrees C temperatures), and due to the nature of roller derby, heat exhaustion was a huge potential issue. Not only did Kev continue to provide wonderful on-track monitoring and assistance for the active games, he also spent the entire two days checking on people’s welfare before and after games, providing cool packs and ice, and water spray to help exhausted athletes cool down. Kev spent the weekend on his feet proactively providing this assistance with a smile, a kind word and genuine concern, where he very well could have let participants self-manage.
It is this “extra mile” and the delightful attitude with which Kev approaches his work that ensures we will continue to use him for first aid services for our league, and would like to recommend Kev Distant to any organisation who may need first aid services or training. Toowoomba City Rollers could not be more happy with the services provided by Top of the Range Training and Kev.
Kim Kahler
Secretary Toowoomba City Rollers Inc.


Thank you Fiona for allowing us to share your story:

Tuesday, 6th November 2012 – Melbourne Cup Day


That’s me in the pink…..I was telling the ambulance man what had happened.


A ute ran up the garden bed and smashed into vehicles in the centre parking across from the post office. This happened directly in front of me….I was standing on the footpath on the other side of the street near the hotel. I could see a man slumped sideways in the ute. I was one of the first to react and ran across to the ute and reached in and turned it off (as it was revving loudly). The man was convulsing and I thought perhaps he was having an epileptic fit or something so I made sure he wasn’t biting his tongue or banging his head or anything. He was making funny noises like a horse ‘ppprrrr’ ing with it’s lips, his hands were curled up and his arms were held up to his chest and jerking about. There was no frothy mouth or dribble or anything like that. I presumed he was breathing because of the noises.


I made sure someone was calling ‘000’ (the man in the orange shirt was following behind and called 000) and then I patted the man on the shoulder and reassured him that help was coming – can you hear me sir, we can see you’re not well, we have an ambulance coming to help you etc. (While this was happening the man in yellow with the shopping bag came back from across the street on the other side of the vehicle and quite loudly says ‘what the f@#$ is going on here’ – I think he got a shock as the white car was his – and I put my hand up in the policeman’s stop gesture and said quite firmly ‘calm down sir, this man is not well’ which diffused the yellow shirt man’s anger).


Another man (the one doing cpr) came over, opened the door and leaned into the car to check on him. I continued to pat the crash man on the knee with words of encouragement. The crash man seemed to go still. I don’t even know how long it took but the cpr man then pronounced that there was no pulse and we had to start cpr. Someone in the crowd said something about not moving an accident victim but the cpr man was confident that he needed to start cpr. He and another man (or two…can’t remember) removed the crash man from the vehicle and I held the door open.


The man in blue started cpr and someone in the crowd said ‘you have to do a breath every five’ and as I was thinking…no that’s not right, another in the crowd said ‘no, it’s every 30’ and I said “No, you don’t have to do breaths….just compressions, keep the compressions going”. The ambulance arrived shortly after that and I told the ambo’s (that’s what I am doing in the pic) this man has no pulse and this other man here has started cpr as they got out of the ambulance. The ambo’s took over the cpr and then defibbed the victim twice before placing him on a stretcher and putting him in the ambulance where they continued to work on him. The policemen came over and I conveyed what had happened to them. I asked do you need me any further and they said no, they would call if they needed anything.


I thought the man was dead! I stood there not knowing what to do….how do you just walk away from seeing another human being lose his life? My daughter in law drove past so I flagged her down and jumped in her car. The shock hit me when I got home to my husband.


That afternoon I googled whether a heart attack victim can have seizures and found that it can be quite common to have a seizure after a heart attack as a piece of the embolism can break off and travel to the brain causing the seizure.


I spent the week not sleeping well wondering about the man and feeling for his family. I wondered if I should have checked for a pulse earlier (I didn’t because he appeared to be breathing)? I even had a bit of guilt that I hadn’t said a prayer for him at the scene (I did on the way home though). I felt really sad. I thought about the lifestyle changes that my family and I need to make.


On Sunday I went to a lunch where a friend of mine noted that I looked tired and asked how my week was…..I told her I hadn’t been sleeping well and that I had seen a man die on Tuesday and mentioned the crash. She told me quite excitedly that the man hadn’t died (one of her work colleagues husband worked where the crash man worked) and that they had been able to revive him. I believe he is my age (45) and has children. I had tears of joy and felt so relieved! I hope he is doing okay!


I feel proud of myself that I was able to help in a small way. Had I not had First Aid training I don’t think I would have had the confidence to react, to calm the irate man, to voice my opinion on the CPR. I would encourage EVERYONE to get their First Aid training! It is reassuring to me to know that I CAN react in a situation as we have children and staff to consider.


Fiona Ireland.




Libby Pickard, Goondiwindi. PARENT

Both my children Matilda and Declan have qualified to represent Darling Downs at State Champs in u13's and U15 Girls Rugby 7's.


I am writing to let you know how impressed I am/was with Kev Distant, who was the attending Medic at Dalby on Anzac weekend.


From morning to night he was on his own and did an absolute magnificent job! I cannot speak highly enough of him.

I am not a real fan of rugby but 100 percent support my children.

If I could be guaranteed that Kev would be the the Medic at every game Matilda and Declan played in, it would be music to my ears!


He would have to be THE most professional and attentive medic I have ever seen in the 6 yrs we have been involved with rugby. He RUNS immediately to any injured player.


We had joked that I hope he wouldn't be attending to my children. However Matilda was to cop a severe knock to her nose in the morning causing her to miss one game. Throughout the whole day he continually followed up with her to make sure she was ok.


I don't know the ins and outs of Medics at games , if they are paid or voluntary . However if Kev was to attend every game possible, Downs Rugby would be guaranteed to have THE BEST Medic  around to look after their players.

Because of his quick actions that day, he also saved a Goondiwindi A grade player ,who sustained a severe knock to the head,  from what could have been life threatening injuries.


I do hope we see Kev again - would be great to supply our own medic in Brisbane!!!

Ian Young, Business Manager, TOOWOOMBA GRAMMAR SCHOOL

I am pleased to provide a testimonial for Top of the Range Training who have been providing First Aid Training Services to Toowoomba Grammar School over several years.

Kevin Distant has provided friendly and efficient service for our First Aid Training Programme, covering initial courses and re-accreditation when required. Instruction has always been clear, concise and relevant and tailored to the needs of the school. I recommend Top of the Range Training to anyone seeking First Aid courses.

Dr John Rogers (Doctor of Chiropractic)

John Rogers Chiropractic, Toowoomba

“While attending my First Aid/Emergency Life Support Course I didn't expect it to be presented in such a clear and enthusiastic way, with plenty of real ife experiences.

I would recommend Kev Distant from Top of the Range Training to deliver this essential life knowledge in an enjoyable, easy to learn way.”

Brett P. Mullen General Manager   Assemblies of God  - Toowoomba Property Limited

Kev is an asset to our organisation for the training he provides to our staff and volunteers on a regular basis. We find Kev to be very professional in all our interactions. He communicates well ensuring that everyone walks away with the understanding and confidence that they would be able to assist in an emergency. Kev is also friendly and approachable all which we find important in a training and learning environment.

Kev makes it very easy for his clients with his flexibility. We appreciate the ability for training to be undertaken on site.

I would recommend Kev at Top of the Range Training for any organisation needing quality training for their staff.

Dr Robert Greenhill

The Range Medical Centre, Toowoomba

“Kev ran our last first aid training and update program for staff and doctors at our medical practice. He provides up to date information and accurate instruction, in a relaxing and friendly manner. Conveniently he conducted the training session in our own office. I would recommend Kev to other businesses looking to keep their staff current with the latest in first aid principles and techniques.”