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MSAPMOHS216A Operate Breathing Apparatus ( Self Contained Breathing Apparatus)

Breathing Apparatus 


This unit covers competence associated with the operation and maintenance of breathing apparatus equipment in an irrespirable atmosphere.

Application of this unit

This competency applies to operators who are required to wear breathing apparatus for part of their job - because they are working in a confined space, with hazardous gases/vapours, in an anoxic atmosphere or for other applications requiring the wearing of breathing apparatus. They may also be required to wear it in emergency situations, however this is not the prime focus of this unit, and so makes this unit different from PUAFIR207A Operate breathing apparatus open circuit , as it has no prerequisite and is much broader in its application.



This unit has no prerequisites

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Elements and Performance Criteria


1. Conduct pre-donning checks and tests on breathing apparatus.

1.1 Inspect breathing apparatus for immediate use in accordance with procedures.

1.2 Report/record faulty or damaged equipment in accordance with procedures.

2. Operate breathing apparatus.

2.1 Identify, monitor and control hazards in accordance with the procedures.

2.2 Establish and maintain communication with appropriate personnel throughout the activity.

2.3 Demonstrate effective application of breathing apparatus, undertaking activities as a member of a team, in accordance with procedures.

2.4 Implement entrapment procedures in accordance with procedures.

2.5 Maintain personal safety at all times.

3. Conclude operations.

3.1 Close down breathing apparatus set in accordance with procedures.

3.2 Remove breathing apparatus set in accordance with procedures.

3.3 Undertake after-use cleaning and maintenance of breathing apparatus in accordance with procedures.

3.4 Make equipment ready for operational use in accordance with procedures.


Required Skills and Knowledge

Language , literacy and numeracy requirements

This unit requires the ability to interpret any permits or other documentation associated with the wearing of breathing apparatus for the job.

Writing is required to the level of completing required workplace reports.

Numeracy is required to enable the determination of the available working time from a breathing apparatus set and similar activities.


COST:  $265/participant

DURATION: 4-6 hours approx. (Dependent on skills)



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This training course is run in partnership with the following RTO:


Health Security Education  #40907