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RIIHAN204D Load & Unload Cargo


This unit describes a participantís skills and knowledge required to load and unload cargo/goods in the Resources and Infrastructure Industries.

This unit is appropriate for those working in operational roles.


1. Plan and prepare for loading and unloading cargo/goods 

1.1       Access, interpret and apply load handling compliance documentation and ensure the work activity is compliant

1.2       Obtain, read, interpret, clarify and confirm work requirements

1.3       Identify and address potential risks, hazards and environmental issues, and implement control measures

1.4       Communicate and coordinate activities with others throughout the work activity

1.5       Select and wear personal protective equipment appropriate for work activities

1.6       Select appropriate type of auxiliary equipment for work activities

1.7       Perform equipment pre-start checks to ensure equipment is ready for operation

1.8       Identify emergency procedures to ensure safety of personnel and plant

2. Load cargo/goods

2.1       Identify load characteristics and use appropriate loading techniques to safely and efficiently move load

2.2       Identify hazardous and dangerous goods and adhere to relevant legislation and permit requirements

2.3       Assess and ensure that load characteristics and transport capacity meet approved parameters

2.4       Erect physical barricades and signage to prevent unauthorised entry to the area

2.5       Load cargo/goods in accordance with relevant mass and loading regulations and site procedures

3. Secure cargo/goods

3.1       Check the distribution of the load to ensure it is even, legal and within safe working capacity

3.2       Secure load at approved anchorage points

3.3       Adjust load restraint devices to ensure load is secure during transport

3.4       Protect load from weather conditions using approved coverage devices

4. Protect cargo/goods

4.1       Inspect the load for security to travel

4.2       Complete all required written documentation

5. Conduct housekeeping activities

5.1       Clean and maintain condition of equipment, and check for safe and efficient operations  

5.2       Clean and store auxiliary service equipment

5.3       Control and report hazards to maintain a safe working environment

6. Unload cargo/goods

6.1       Assess location, stowage and remaining load before commencement

6.2       Unload in a safe and effective way making use of lifting aids and applications

6.3       Identify any goods requiring special handling

6.4       Relocate material in a manner that considers the height, weight loading, size and crushability of the cargo/goods


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