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Maintain Chainsaws/Trim & Cut Trees





This unit describes the outcomes required to carry out maintenance of hand-held chainsaws. It relates to the maintenance and servicing requirements of chainsaw powerheads and cutting attachments; chain sharpening, cleanup, storage procedures and recording requirements

General legislative, regulatory and workplace requirements apply to this unit; however there are no specific licensing or certification requirements at the time of publication

This unit replaces FPICOT2204B Maintain chainsaws

Performance Criteria



1. Plan and prepare for maintenance

1.1. Applicable Occupational Health and Safety  (OHS ), environmental, legislative , organisational requirements  and manufacturer's specifications relevant to the maintenance of chainsaws  are identified and followed


1.2. Suitable personal protective equipment and/or clothing is selected, used and maintained


1.3. Job requirements are reviewed and clarified with appropriate personnel 


1.4. Tools, equipment and materials are selected appropriate to work requirements and checked for operational effectiveness in line with manufacturer's recommendations and site operating procedures


1.5. Potential and existing risks and hazards  in the work area are identified and controlled

2. Conduct chainsaw maintenance

2.1. Frequent /daily services  are carried out in line with manufacturer's recommendations and organisational requirements


2.2. Periodic services  are carried out in line with manufacturer's recommendations and organisational requirements


2.3. Chain and other components are removed, sharpened, maintained , adjusted or replaced in line with manufacturer's recommendations


2.4. Serviced chainsaw components are reassembled and checked for operational effectiveness


2.5. Chainsaw is tagged and stored

3. Complete maintenance records and clean up

3.1. Records and reports  are accurately completed, processed and maintained in line with workplace procedures


3.2. Chainsaw faults, malfunctions or irregular operation are identified, tagged and reported for repair or replacement


3.3. Work area is cleared and waste materials disposed of, or recycled, in line with organisational environmental policies and procedures 



This describes the essential skills and knowledge and their level required for this unit.

Required skills 

  • Technical skills sufficient to use and maintain relevant tools, machinery and equipment, conduct routine maintenance procedures and to apply mechanical reasoning
  • Communication skills sufficient to discuss work orders with colleagues and others
  • Literacy skills sufficient to read and interpret work requirements and specifications and to accurately locate, record and report information
  • Numeracy skills sufficient to estimate, measure, calculate time required to complete a task and calculate fuel/oil ratios
  • Problem solving skills sufficient to troubleshoot and identify problems and equipment faults, and apply appropriate response procedures

Required knowledge 

  • Applicable Commonwealth, State or Territory legislation, regulations, standards, codes of practice and established safe practices relevant to the full range of processes for maintaining chainsaws
  • Environmental protection requirements, including the safe disposal of waste material
  • Organisational and site standards, requirements, policies and procedures for maintaining chainsaws; organisational communication channels and protocols; and procedures for the recording and reporting of workplace documentation and information
  • Types of tools and equipment required for the maintenance of hand-held chainsaws and the procedures for their safe use, operation and maintenance
  • Types, functions, specifications and operational principles of chainsaws
  • Specifications and types of bars, chains and sprockets
  • Chainsaw routine maintenance procedures
  • Potential hazards and risks when maintaining chainsaws including fire hazards and prevention
  • Problem identification and resolution strategies and common fault finding techniques

Course Outcomes:
On successful completion of this course, students will receive a statement of attainment for: FWPCOT2237 Maintain Chainsaws. This is a nationally recognised unit of competency.



Course Overview:

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The Trim & Cut Felled Trees short course covers the outcomes required to trim and cut felled trees with a chainsaw and to complete operator maintenance.It is best applicable to situations where the production of timber is not the primary focus of the activity.

This unit can be applied to a variety of employment outcomes including a a forestry worker, chainsaw operator, food harvester, harvesting technician and arboriculture worker.

This course compliments Fall Trees Manually (Intermediate) Short Course.


Course Topics:

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  • Preparing for trimming and cutting trees
  • Visually assessing felled trees
  • Planning to cut trees
  • Using a chainsaw to trim and cut trees
  • Completing equipment maintenance

Course Outcomes:
On successful completion of this course, students will receive a statement of attainment for: FWPCOT2239 Trim and Cut Felled Trees. This is a nationally recognised unit of competency.


Course Specifics:

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There are no pre-requisite units prescribed to these units of competency.

Clothing Requirements:

  • Steel-cap boots
  • Long sleeve pants/chainsaw chaps
  • Long sleeve shirt

Equipment Requirements:

  • Steel-cap boots
  • Long Pants / Chainsaw Chaps
  • Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Hard-hat, Visor / Safety Glasses
  • Ear Muffs
  • Chainsaw (Fuel, Bar Oil, Chain)
  • Sharpening Files

Course Provisions:

  • All equipment available upon request/booking
  • Assessment Materials (theory & practical)
  • Morning Tea & Refreshments
  • Hi-Vis Vest (if required)



COST: $350