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Medication Administration Refresher

Method of Delivery:
100% Online


Tailored for the specific needs of Disability Support Workers, this non-accredited course has been thoughtfully crafted to serve as a comprehensive refresher on the rules and regulations governing the vital task of assisting clients with medication.


Designed to meet the unique challenges and responsibilities faced by Disability Support Workers, this program offers an in-depth exploration of the latest guidelines and best practices in medication administration. Participants will delve into crucial aspects, including dosage management, proper administration techniques, documentation requirements, and adherence to legal frameworks.


The course provides a dedicated space for refreshing and updating knowledge, ensuring that Disability Support Workers are well-equipped with the latest information and skills necessary to provide safe and effective medication support to their clients. Through a user-friendly format, this course offers a convenient avenue for professional development, empowering Disability Support Workers to deliver high-quality care while staying abreast of industry standards.

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