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First Aid Course

Method of Delivery:
100% Online


Our non-accredited First Aid Course is ideal for individuals seeking fundamental first aid expertise without the requirement of a formal certification. Take the step to empower yourself today and be ready to positively impact someone's life tomorrow. Through this course, you'll acquire skills to address common injuries, administer CPR, and manage emergencies adeptly, enhancing safety in your home, workplace, and community.

This course encompasses all the essential topics typically found in a traditional first aid course including:

- Resuscitation techniques (CPR)
- Identification, symptoms, and management of common illnesses and injuries, such as:
  - Asthma and anaphylaxis
  - Heart attack and stroke
  - Bleeding, burns, seizures, and shock
  - Fractures, sprains, and strains
  - Heat and cold-related illnesses
  - Bites and stings (land, marine, snakes, and spiders)

Following each topic, you'll engage in a brief multiple-choice quiz pertinent to the covered subject matter.

Please Note: If you choose to pursue an accredited First Aid course subsequent to completing this online program, the knowledge and theory acquired here will be acknowledged within the accredited unit, provided the course is undertaken within a six-month timeframe from the completion of this course.

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